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Kate and Emaline kiss passionately as their love for each other gets closer.

Emaline Addario is a student at Boring High School and one of the main characters of Everything Sucks!. She is a prominent member of the drama club hopelessly in love with Oliver - until someone else confesses romantic feelings. She is portrayed by Sydney Sweeney.


Emaline is a junior at Boring High in Drama Club. She begins the show dating Oliver Schermerhorn and both share a deep passion for acting. However, Oliver desires to become a famous actor and takes off for New York, only telling Tyler. Emaline is hurt by this and begins to dress and act differently. While the A/V Club and Drama Club are shooting for their film in California, Emaline shares a hotel room with Kate and she tells Kate that she is lucky she can be herself because she feels afraid of who she had become without Oliver around. Kate tells Emaline that she finds her beautiful and the pair almost kiss before being interrupted by Leslie.


Drama is Emaline's life. Not only in acting, but also privately. She loves eccentric outfits and makes her regularly public scenes. She is passionate, jealous, and often unsure of what she tries to duplicate with her brisk performance.


  • She is referred to as "Emaline Addaria" by McQuaid in one episode which was most likely a mistake during filming