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Luke O'Neil is the main protagonist of Everything Sucks!. On the first day in high school, he falls in love with Kate, who soon admits to him that she is a lesbian. Luke wants to be a director and is member of the school's A/V Club. He is portrayed by Jahi Di'Allo Winston.


Earlier Life

Luke's father left the family when he was still very young, because he could never give up his dream of making it as a filmmaker in Hollywood. Luke grew up with his mother Sherry, who works as a stewardess. Because of her job, Luke was and is regularly alone for a long time.

Season 1

When Luke arrives at high school and enters the video room production facilities for the first time, he is immediately fascinated by Kate. It is currently operating the camera and has technical problems. With Luke knowledgeable and the right tool at home, he invites Kate to fix the camera together after school and Kate agrees. On the way home together and in Luke's garage, the two get to know each other better and on the same day Luke has set in the head that he wants to make Kate his girlfriend. Despite warnings from his best friends Tyler and McQuaid, he puts everything on a map and produces his own version of Wonderwall's Oasis music video. He presents it in front of the whole school and then asks Kate if she wants to be his girlfriend. To escape the teasing of students who have recently called her a lesbian, Kate says yes.