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Oliver Schmerhorn is one of the main protagonists of Everything Sucks. He is a student of Boring High School and a prominent member of the drama club. He dreams of an acting career and can not wait to leave Boring and find happiness in New York. He is portrayed by Elijah Stevenson.


Oliver is a typical actor: eccentric, self-loving, but also very sensitive.


Oliver has long been thinking of leaving for New York and trying his luck as an actor, but his relationship with Emaline is what keeps him from doing so for a long time. When he meets Tyler, he sees a lot of himself in him and decides to make him his protégé. When he finally leaves, he leaves Tyler his most important possession - his dark green coat. By contrast, he does not say goodbye to Emaline.



  • "Bitch! My grandma got these for me, she has diabetes!"
  • "I am cheesecake to a fat man, and the world needs to see my greatness!"